Sunday, February 27, 2011

The where/what now?

Well, hello there intrepid reader! It's been a long time since I even looked at this lonely little page. Since it appears Blogger is a bit more robust than Tumblr, expect more lengthy blog posts here, though I'll still use that other thing for random little blurbs and other stuff that I think are fun.

So, let's talk derby for a few. I'm still Brad Religion. I'm still a ref. However, I found myself a new derby home. I made the switch from Circle City to the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls of Bloomington, IN a few weeks ago. The reasons are many and varied, and if you needed to know them, I probably already let you know. In any case, it's all water under the bridge, so to speak.

Last night I reffed my first official bout with BHRG in Louisville, KY. I've only OPR'd a handful of bouts, and it was never a position I felt completely comfortable filling. That is, until last night. For the first time it felt like I really "got it." My positioning was solid. My timing and instincts were on. The bout was intense and emotional, and it certainly felt like it was closer than the scoreboard showed at the end of the night. We, as the zebra crew, managed to hold it all together and fun ended up being had by all - except the one unruly fan who was screaming at the refs from right beside the turn 4 whiteboard and rattling a cowbell at us. Luckily, the HR had a brief conversation with the gentleman and he settled down.

In any case, BHRG has done a wonderful job of making me feel at home and re-igniting my love for roller derby. Watch this page for more regular updates and stories from the track.


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