Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello, exhaustion. I almost forgot what you were like.

Just sitting down after a busy derby weekend. Made a six hour road trip to ref a doubleheader. Worked as an IPR during the first bout, and ran hot laps on the outside in the second. It wasn't an easy night in stripes...

If there's one thing I can impress upon other officials out there, it's that you NEED to work with other people. Go visit other area teams. Get their refs to come visit you. Talk. Email. Network! Don't allow yourself to develop those skills in a vacuum - it ends up hurting everyone involved. While you're at it, visit sites like Zebra Huddle. It's a great place to get opinions and clarifications. When I was injured and couldn't travel to ref in other towns, it was an invaluable resource to allow me to continue to develop. I'm a much better ref than I would have been without it, and I made some new friends there along the way as well.

Today we had a doubleheader hangover scrimmage with the other league in the town we visited. I jammer reffed both of them, and I felt strong. Well. I felt tired, but I felt sharp and on my game. I realized at the end of it that the "bad ones" make the "good ones" feel that much sweeter. I'm truly lucky to be surrounded with the people at my home league, officials and skaters alike.

Now I'm resting quietly while my pads spin in the washing machine. Two complete boutfits are next. I think I'll go to bed early tonight...

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